Capturing the very essence of elegance, performance and simplicity in every design, Airlift Hovercraft is a pioneer in the development of small to medium sized hovercraft for the world stage.

By continually exploring and mastering new technology, materials and production techniques, we ensure every craft is built with superior quality and performance in mind. And with a range of hovercraft to suit diverse environments, uses and conditions, it’s clear our success stems from years of industry experience and providing only excellence in service … FIND OUT MORE ...



New photos of our latest design, the WildFire, have been uploaded to the web for public viewing.
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PIONEER: Formidable. Comfortable. Maximum Passenger Pleaser.

Robust and dynamic, the Pioneer hovercraft is a formidable sight in the water. Amphibious and designed to carry 25 passengers in comfort and with ease, this craft works predominantly in the tourist and joyride industries, although it has the power and longevity for more demanding conditions … FIND OUT MORE

WILDFIRE: Luxury. Comfort. Powerful

The WildFire is AirLift Hovercrafts latest design. Catering to extreme climates, the WildFire can be used for military operations, rescue, or luxurious tour operations. Taking full advantage of the latest technology available in control and navigation systems … FIND OUT MORE

KAIMAN: Military Performance. Tough. Reliable.

Bringing together the latest advances in small amphibious hovercraft technology, the Kaiman series is pure cutting edge brilliance. This hovercraft is a culmination of sophisticated design, the latest high technology materials and advanced performance manufacturing techniques. It's … FIND OUT MORE

HOVERFLYER: Enduring. Powerful. Thrill Seekers Dream

First manufactured in 1989, there is no doubt the fully amphibious HoverFlyer still demonstrates its reliability, performance and durability in today’s market. Evolving with time, this hovercraft’s popularity continues to grow amongst private, commercial and tourist-industry owners … FIND OUT MORE

RIVAC: Reliable. Tough. Low Maintenance Work Horse.

A tough and hardworking pack horse, the RIVAC has been designed specifically for challenging roles in remote environments. It is superbly reliable, with excellent load carrying capacity, high durability and impressively low maintenance requirements. This hovercraft is practical and powerful … FIND OUT MORE



HoverFlyer 580 - Skimming Pipi

For Sale: Skimming Pipi - HoverFlyer 580

2006 HoverFlyer 580 For Sale. The Skimming Pipi is an excellent example of the HoverFlyer 580.

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AirLift Hovercrafts have a low impact on the environment: Damage to the shore environment is virtually nil and accidental fluid discharges or leaks are fully contained within the hull structure. All Airlift Hovercraft are fully amphibious and their movement across water and land creates less impact than conventional vehicles … FIND OUT MORE

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